The National Shrine of Saint Rita of Cascia operates under the auspices of the Augustinians of the Province of St. Thomas of Villanova. The Augustinians exist worldwide, inspired by the religious insight and teaching of St. Augustine. They seek to live out a Christian vocation of love for God and neighbor in the fashion of Augustine, in communion of life and service to the Church. To seek God together is the common project. To share the discovery of God is the chosen undertaking. Unity of mind and hearts is the goal as well as the constant stimulus.

Community is the axis around which Augustinian religious life turns: a community of brothers who live harmoniously in their house, united by a single soul and a single heart, seeking God together and open to the service of the Church ... Community is the fruit of charity and is expressed in friendship which brings forth and nourishes loyalty, trust, sincerity and mutual understanding.”
— Constitutions of the Order of Saint Augustine, 26 & 29

An Uncommon Life; A Life in Common

The foundation and characteristic of Augustinian life is life in common, in which friars seek to construct a path that is directed to God in service to others. We do this not only through the sharing of ideals and values, but also in the communion of all our material and spiritual goods. In this way we strive to grow through the gift of God's grace, and so give witness to the mystery of the Trinity and of the Church, anticipating now on earth the reality we hope for in the future in the Father’s house.

The opening words of Saint Augustine's Rule give us direction: we are to be of one mind and heart on the way to God. We are travelers on pilgrimage together, wherein Christ is our constant companion, as well as our way and our goal.

The activity of our journey is shaped by Augustine's own experience and counsel, and is characterized by three essential elements: the constant search for God by means of a deep interior life; the practical love of neighbor; and the constant pursuit of truth.

Adapted from the Order's Constitutions and Plan of Formation

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Our Mother of Consolation

bestows upon St. Augustine and his mother, St. Monica, the cincture, as a sign of her promise to intercede on their behalf before God.

The Christchild holds a heart on fire, the restless heart of St. Augustine.